German Bundesliga looking at ‘billions’ of viewers for opening weekend

Ever the organised experts, Germany looks to have handled the COVID-19 outbreak as well as anyone has in Europe. The excellent way it has been handled means that Bundesliga sides are set to kick off again this weekend, with many flagship games to be watching. The largest of them is without doubt the Borussia Dortmund-FC Schalke 04 match. As the largest domestic derby in Germany, this is a mouth-watering clash; one that Bundesliga chiefs expect to bring in massive audiences.

Bayern Munich are especially excited, with Bayern hero and chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge saying: “The Bundesliga is now the first major league in the world to start playing again.

“And if the Bundesliga is the only league around the world to be broadcast on TV, then I assume that we will have an audience of billions all over the world.

“This will not only be an advertisement for our football, for the Bundesliga, but for the whole country and especially for German politics, which made this possible with its very good approach.

“When I was a young guy, ‘Made in Germany’ was a trademark. This has been somewhat lost in recent years. The restart of the Bundesliga also shows: ‘Made in Germany’ is again an absolute seal of approval.”

Others have echoed the sentiment, with massive audiences of football-starved fans likely to tune in here.

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